New and Custom Home Builder Melbourne

Singh Homes has brought thousands of aesthetically pleasing architectural designs to our clients for 5 years. Singh Homes, with our superior-quality construction material and exceptional customer service, offer premium home building and development packages. The latest trends and techniques together with the maintenance of quality standards have helped us achieve excellence.

Our unchanging vision of providing luxury home-building and development servicesis the core foundation of our business.

Cheap House and Land Packages

Singh Homes is a reputable prestigious home builder in Melbourne. It is the customer’s dreams and their trust in us that form the basis of our mission.  With our sound, in-depth knowledge of construction and our personal attention to every aspect of the project, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team stands behind the project with professional experience ensuring the timely delivery of each project with an emphasis on the quality of living.

Our Motto

“You dream it, and Singh Homes will build it”

Our Projects

We work on Multi Unit Development, Knock Down and Rebuild projects, in addition to providing Home & Land Packages.

Our Vision

Our vision is to that cater to a contemporary style of living, with the usage of world class technology that provides a secure and better lifestyle for our clients. We give quality and timely customer service, so that our clients can experience the pleasure of a comfortable and modern lifestyle.

Our Values

Expertise of the highest standard, commitment, reliability, and credibility form the foundation of our team, enabling them to give the finest result.

Loan Assistance

Singh Homes as one of the leading professional property developers and builders, assists clients with information on how and where to get financial assistance and legal support across Melbourne. We guide you to establish trusted partnerships with legal advisors and financial institutions to make things happen for you.
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