Why squeeze your family to fit into a builder’s pre-designed home?

Instead of adapting your family’s needs to a home someone else designed with their convenience in mind, Singh Homes Pty Ltd listen to your needs and apply the design of your home to your lifestyle.

Our clients particularly enjoy having a home that is different from other houses in their neighbourhood or development. You can choose from 1,000’s of designs and the Singh Homes team will customise the plan specifically for your family. Your family is unique, so why not create a unique home that completely matches your needs? Having a unique, quality home means your property gains greater value over time.

 ” Very few new home builders offer this kind of service because reproducing standard designed homes is easier and less costly for the builder. Singh Homes put your needs first! “

Your home is unique because:

  • We take the time to go through all the options with you, offer more freedom in the design of the home yet our pricing is similar to other new home builders.
  • We design custom plans in complete alignment with the property. There are less restrictions on the design of the home.
  • The diversity of your home is not just about the design. We offer a wide selection of colours and materials to choose from.
  • Our team has the experience and expertise to advise you carefully on the right building materials and colour combinations to choose from and provide the very best value for money.
  • We take the time to discuss all the details with you to ensure you have the best long-term outcome.

Our expertise

Singh Homes Pty Ltd’s two Directors, Daman Preet Singh and Parvinder Singh, have been involved in the building industry for many years, initially creating homes for family members. Singh Homes have worked closely with the Indian community in Australia and are proud to be one of the oldest building companies within the Indian community.

Designing homes to accommodate grandparents and other family members, Singh Homes construct two different, fully-contained sections of the home. There is often a Master Bedroom on the ground floor to assist elderly parents’ access to the home. Other new home builders generally design homes with all the bedrooms upstairs.

Having this kind of freedom with the style of the home is also favoured by the people from the Chinese culture who accommodate multiple generations and like to incorporate Feng Shui aspects into the design. Singh Homes create customised homes throughout Melbourne for people from all cultures.

During the construction of your home, there may be some aspects of the design that need to be adapted to best suit the terrain and the environment. We keep in communication with you throughout the construction process so you’re informed about every step.

We understand how important it is to have the construction and design team working together at all times. We involve you during the complete process – from design to construction. Each home is the first of its kind to be built as we are not duplicating standard home designs. This means there can be challenges along the way but we are dedicated to making everything come together in a home you love.

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