Property values in Australia’s major cities like Melbourne is constantly improving, so clients who own metropolitan property may want to retain their location. The inner-city lifestyle may suit them, so they don’t want to move away from the convenience and character of their location. However, their home may be restrictive in the amount of space and the size and style of rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

A Better Option

Instead of trying to stretch and change your current house to include desired modern features, you can enjoy a brand-new home, designed specifically for you with everything your desire. Singh Homes design your new home around the current property, making the best use of space.

Avoid cost blow-outs as your attempt to renovate a house with hidden problems. Replace it with a home you have created for yourself, your lifestyle and your family. Enjoy the luxury of modern fittings and a fresh new home without compromising your inner-city lifestyle.

We take care of it all

Singh Homes provides a FREE site appraisal, we manage the legal aspects of gaining Local Government planning and building permits and guide you with choosing the right design, materials and colours. You can choose from 1000’s of design options as you create your dream home.

We design your new home to your requirements, construct it with care and provide post-handover support.

Working with Singh Homes, you have the knowledge and experience of one of Melbourne’s premium custom-home builders with expertise in home and new apartment design and building.

Don’t restrict your dream to a home design that doesn’t take your lifestyle into consideration.

 During the construction of your home, there may be some aspects of the design that need to be adapted to best suit the terrain and the environment. We keep in communication with you throughout the construction process so you’re informed about every step.

We understand how important it is to have the construction and design team working together at all times. We involve you during the complete process – from design to construction. Each home is the first of its kind to be built as we are not duplicating standard home designs. This means there can be challenges along the way but we are dedicated to making everything come together in a home you love.

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