Singh Homes Pty Ltd are specialists in multi-development and dual-occupancy homes. With the understanding that not everyone has a nuclear family, we have assisted families to create homes where multiple generations have a self-contained area. This allows the family to choose when they share time with each other and when they can enjoy privacy.

Multi-unit development and dual occupancy homes require careful planning to ensure it suits the family’s current needs and can retain value, should the family ever choose to sell. Custom-designed homes retain their value, especially when fitted with quality materials and fittings. Clients see their multi-unit development as an investment and gain good financial return.

Matching your property

Singh Homes design and build multi-unit developments that make the most of the property. Instead of trying to fit units with set floorplans into the space, our plans are in complete alignment with the property. There are less restrictions on the design and the multi-units are positioned on the property for maximum usage and convenience.

Offering dual-occupancy solutions that reduce the risk associated with multi-unit developments, we work with the possibilities and limitations of the property. We ensure that our custom-designed building plans meet compliance with local council regulations.

You can see examples of our multi-unit plans here

Meeting family needs

We train our team to think about the overall needs of the client’s family. It’s not just about the amount of money invested in the property. We take the time to discuss all the details with the client to ensure they have the best long-term outcome.

Clients have the peace of mind knowing they are working with an experienced team who know how to listen. We help our clients through every stage of design, construction and post-handover service to ensure the multi-unit development meets all their needs.



Our experience in multi-unit development in Melbourne is available to our clients as they build their home. We are their development partners. Multi-unit and dual occupancy construction must meet specific regulations. Clients know they can rely on our advice in guiding them through the complex process of constructing a multi-unit development that makes the most of the property while meeting the client’s needs.

We keep our client’s budget in mind as well, offering our advice on the most cost-effective materials and fittings for their multi-unit construction.

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