Singh Homes Pty Ltd provides premium service for all your housing needs

Very few new home builders are willing to offer custom-designed services preferring to reproduce standard-design homes because it is easier and less costly for the builder.

Singh Homes take the time to go through all the options with clients, offer more freedom in the design of the home yet their pricing is similar to other builders.

Having a unique home means your property gains greater value over time. The diversity of home is not just reliant on the design. Singh Homes offer a wide selection of colours and materials.

Most importantly, the team has the experience and expertise to advise you carefully on the right building materials and colour combinations to choose to provide the very best value for money.

Contact Singh Homes to assist you with

Multi Unit Developement

End-to-end solutions for dual-occupancy, multi-unit developments that offer you a multitude of choices.

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Knockdown & Rebuild

All the options you need when you want to stay where you are and redesign your home to suit your lifestyle.

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Find the ideal Melbourne house and land package to suit your criteria and create the lifestyle you’ll love.

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